Spearmint FAQ

General information

What are the supported platforms?

Spearmint Web Browser runs on Android 2.2 and above including ICS and Jelly Bean.

What are supported countries and regions?

Spearmint Web Browser is supportive on every county where the Google Play store is available and the APK file is freely available on the web.

How do I install Spearmint Web Browser on my Android device?

Click on the Play Store icon on your Android device and search for “Spearmint Web Browser” or download the APK file from the web.

How do I uninstall Spearmint Web Browser from  my Android device?

On your Android device go to Settings--> Applications--> Select Spearmint and press uninstall.

On many devices you can uninstall by holding the Spearmint icon on your phone’s homepage and dragging it to the trash bin.

Does Spearmint Web Browser contain adware or spyware?

Spearmint Web Browser is completely ad-free as it comes with the built in Add-on – Adblock+ which automatically disables ads from showing on screen.

Spearmint collects information for self-improvement only, while specifying all in the permissions asked from the user on the install page.

Is Spearmint Web Browser stealing or unlawfully using Fennec code?

Fennec and all FF codes are open source code and FF encourages developers to write Add-ons and programs based on their code. Spearmint is a take on Fennec with a different graphic design and user control (menus, buttons).

History and Bookmarks

How do I add one bookmark?

While on a web-page you would like to add as a bookmark, go to the menuàBookmarks and the page will be added to your bookmarks, which you can access from the browser management page.

How do I edit my bookmarks?

Go to Bookmarks --> press on the Bookmark --> choose “Edit”

How do I open my bookmarks in new tabs?

Go to Bookmarks --> press on the Bookmarks --> choose “open in new Tab”.

How do I delete my bookmarks?

Go to  Bookmarks --> Press  Bookmarks --> “Remove”

How do I access my browsing history?

Press the URL --> History --> Choose which page you’d like to access.


What is gesture?

This is a feature which helps you handle spearmint easily through drawing different gestures.

Which Gestures does Spearmint currently support?

Currently Spearmint supports the “Back” and “Forward” gestures – draw < for Forward, > for Back.

Privacy and Security

How do I delete my browsing history?

Go to Menu --> Settings -->Clear history.

How do I control site’s tracking me and enable/disable cookies?

Go to Menu --> Settings -->Tell sites not to track me

Go to Menu --> Settings -->“Enable cookies”

Does Spearmint Web Browser store cookies or passwords on the server?

No. Spearmint Browser never send any passwords to the server. Our servers store no personal information that could be exposed in the unlikely event of a compromised server.

You can set your Master password on Menu Settings à “Use master password”

What about privacy?

Spearmint Web Browser complies with the highest standards of data security and privacy.